Does the lack of real world experience on your resume concern you? If so, an internship at BTRG may be right for you.  Completing an internship at BTRG will provide you with experience and valuable skills necessary to compete in the job market and succeed in the future.

Being an intern at BTRG is a rewarding experience.  You will work with real products and real clients. Because of our company size and flat structure, the work you do will have a concrete impact on customers, on coworkers, and the industry.

The benefits of an internship extend beyond resume building. In today’s competitive work environment, employers focus more on work experience than qualifications. Internships are a vital part of your resume because they give you the opportunity to learn and grow within a real work environment.

Completing an internship at BTRG gives you the opportunity to go beyond the classroom to gain hands on industry experience. Your internship at BTRG will be highly diversified. You will engage in multiple projects and interact with everyone in our company, including functional consultants, technical consultants, and marketing professionals.

We are here to help students who are looking to experience it all. An internship at BTRG provides unique insights into the full spectrum of working components within a corporation including:

Internal Functions                                        Client Facing Functions

• Human Resources                                        • Project Management
• Recruiting                                                    • Project Coordination
• Marketing                                                    • Project Communications
• Sales

In addition to on the job experiences, internships give you a chance to network and meet new people in your field. The connections you make during an internship can make a difference when you want to land that dream job or break into a new industry. At BTRG, you will be given the opportunity to meet individuals across our organization as well as our clients.

Internships are a great forum for students to apply and practice the knowledge learned in a classroom while gathering the skills that employers seek. At BTRG this means a chance to showcase your qualifications and demonstrate your ability to perform in the role you’ve been given.

As a BTRG intern you will be challenged to learn new things with supervision and support of seasoned industry professionals. Your mentors will empower you through hands-on training and feedback. You will build your confidence as a professional as you learn by doing and experience success. BTRG sees interns as prospective employees and invests in them accordingly. Many interns complete their internships and continue on with the company full time.

If this opportunity excites you and you have the drive to learn in this fast paced environment, apply now!